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The dice were cast; no backtracking, no more making excuses for him that had only lead to self-inflicted wounds. He wasn’t worth those to begin with.

I was wondering if closing off that path would make me feel remorseful or anxious. Instead, I felt massively relieved as soon as I…

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Part two here:

The regional plane was popping up and down in turbulent waves like a yo-yo, making children on the seats next to me joyfully squeal. Now that I had somewhat accepted the reality I had been fearing all along— that this is all a dream and I…

Guard the love, my rock, before it fades away with the morning”. (Old folk song)

Over the course of years before I met my husband, I have had my equitable share of miserable first dates, false starts, misfired shots, great expectations and gargantuan debacles in the realm of romantic relationships…

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Medium is full of repetitive, formulaic advice about relationships, mostly by people who have some online type of dating service to sell. No, I don’t think most of these are helpful at all.

In fact, having read a fair amount of those articles, I concluded that the vast majority are…

“I need time”: the perfect collusion of dishonesty and false hope

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I am a strong advocate for honesty and authenticity in inter-personal relationships, including professional ones. Yet there seems to exist an entire array of dishonest phrases and empty cliches plaguing the human connection, leaving fellow humans perpetually confused and…

When you finally meet.

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Part one here:


I’m in love
like a white pony
sometimes it makes the bells ring
and I think to myself
“Oh my god, honey, honey…”

  • Filip Topol

Mid-June, amidst late Spring thunderstorms and with an inflamed heart, I packed my made-in-China bag, said good-bye to my skeptical…

Especially if you absolutely loathe the concept of “the one”.

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I don’t believe that there’s — or ever was — “the one” in the sense of a unique, made-to-be-by-divine-providence soulmate for each one of us. …

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Just because we went on a date doesn’t mean that you are entitled to my intimate thoughts about you.

Footnote one: I wrote this in present tense purely for style purposes.

Ghosting has been receiving a lot of bad reviews lately, some going as far as calling it “emotional abuse”.

As someone who considers ghosting a legitimate part of my arsenal in interpersonal relationships, I’d say that’s quite unfair.

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The third richest woman on the planet could have invested her power and connections into changing the political, social and humanitarian spectrum of the current world and show that if you have 50 billions of dollars, you don’t need anyone’s approval. …

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By all the gods and goddesses, don’t ever mistake an illusion for love, as you are bound to get a nasty scar (irrespective of what stories with unreliable narrators or romanticized ad-rich blogposts may tell you.)

REAL love doesn’t work in the realm of the unseen and the only superficially…

Salomea Becquerel

Resident in specialty training. Busy. Isolated. Imperatrix mundi she wrote.

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